Mudworld: Imprint

These large creatures tend to appear near any humanoid activity in the mud oceans. Called "Imprints" for the ability to reflect dreams and fears of the colonists.

It is a combination of 3D Coat sculpt and liquid sim done with Maya's Bifrost. Though still there was a lot of hand tweaking of the simulated and original meshes.

Based on Fotoref's photopack:
I also used book from my home library that is a superb reference for understanding effects: Elemental Magic II (I have both volumes and I think second one is better)

Anton tenitsky 0000 impint 001
Anton tenitsky 0002 impint 003
Anton tenitsky 0001 impint 002
Anton tenitsky 0003 impint 004
Anton tenitsky imprintc 004
Anton tenitsky anton tenitsky mudscetches 001

Original sketch study

Anton tenitsky 0005 impint 006

Mud sculpture making of in 3D Coat and Maya's Bifrost