Mudworld: Soldier

Extremely strong and genetically enhanced Mordaks are commonly hired to protect mud harvesters against the imprints and rival factions.

Started as a 3d coat sketch on top of a zbrush sculpt. It is still a very rough mesh anyway. Overlayed few renders from Keyshot to add dirt and chipped metal texture.

More bits and pieces about Mudworld are coming soon!

Anton tenitsky 0000 anton tenitsky 001 suit

Suit was made in 3d coat

Anton tenitsky 0001 anton tenitsky 002 suit back

Rendered in Keyshot

Anton tenitsky 0002 anton tenitsky 003 front naked

Original Zbrush sculpt

Anton tenitsky 0003 anton tenitsky 004 butt naked

Making of Mudsoldier: Modelling in 3D Coat

Making of Mudsoldier: Rendering and Color Correction